We offi­cially closed Integress Finan­cial in Jan­u­ary 2014. It was our dis­tinct honor and plea­sure to work with the many fam­i­lies and indi­vid­u­als who trusted us with their per­sonal finan­cial goals and needs, and with the stew­ardship of their wealth. Man­age­ment parted on great terms,  con­tinuing to serve their clients through their respec­tive venues.

You may reach us at:

  • Dominic Rodrigues, CFA,  Rhisk Cap­i­tal, (702) 994‑0495, dominic@rhiskcapital.com, and

  • Daw­son White, CRPC, White­rock Finan­cial, (702) 622‑8921, dawson@whiterockfinancial.com.